Aerial Photographer Alberta

To begin with, drones are actually unmanned air vehicles which can fly a large number of feet above the ground, controlled typically by a seasoned operator nearby. Based on the size and type of the drone, it is able to handle a broad range of other obstacles and heights. But when built with a high quality cam, the drones capture strong aerial pictures of the landscape and the numerous features it has. Drones allow a first person perspective that is otherwise impossible to attain and certainly will put up with a range of harsh environments which would be hard for any one person to achieve. If your business could benefit from aerial photography in Alberta, KADER Media offers affordable and effective solutions.

At KADER Media, we are known as the number one rated marketing business that offers the most unique and fresh new approaches, such as aerial photography in Alberta, and throughout the entire area. In order to get your business noticed, and keep the consumers interested in your brand, it is imperative that you make a difference and rethink your promotional tools and resources. Having our staff of marketing experts by your side, will ensure that there will always be new and exciting ideas and concepts that we will develop for your company’s continued growth and success.

There are several businesses that would greatly benefit from aerial photography, such as real estate agencies. Having a fresh, new approach in how your agency presents the properties that you are trying to sell, gives your agency the upper hand against your competitors. Because so many websites show the same exact features of a property, potential buyers will soon become tired and bored with the same pictures time and time again. But, by displaying breathtaking photos of new dimensions of a property will entice potential clients to continue visiting your site. These bold new ideas can actually take your business to the next levels and increase the amount of visitors that you are trying to attract.

In the past, sky view images might solely be taken by way of a piloted aircraft – an extremely costly investment for just about any business. With the launch of drones however, an assortment of choices have emerged, such as commercial aerial photographers who can use their expertise in providing the most original pictures that can significantly improve your website. When you choose our agency to collect your aerial photographs, you will not need to worry about regulations and other obstacles that may get in the way, if you were to attempt this on your own.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of aerial photography in Alberta for your business, KADER Media would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can find out more about all of the marketing tools and revolutionary ideas that can be advantageous to your business. On our home page, you can complete our contact form, or you can also call us at 780.834.8596, and speak with one of our professional team members.

Aerial Photographer Alberta
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